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    Health Equity Research Intensive

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    About the Health Equity Research Intensive

    The UNC Center for Health Equity Research’s (CHER) Health Equity Research Intensive (HERI) is a unique opportunity to join other researchers to learn how to design more inclusive health equity research projects.

    HERI will introduce you to research methods and tools that emphasize partnership and engagement across all stages of research, from idea conception to budgeting to dissemination. Participating in HERI will equip attendees to effectively center equity in their research.

    This intensive aligns with the center’s mission by creating space for community leaders, health care professionals and academics to learn and apply new tools for inclusive health equity research.

    HERI centers partnership and engagement with innovative approaches and methods.

    New in 2022: we’re offering a third day focused on inclusive research. We’ll offer space for participants, particularly community members, to generate creative and innovative solutions to apply to their work and communities with an emphasis on inclusive research.

    Participants in the collaborative workshop on Day 3 will co-create a definition of inclusive and equitable health research and a vision of what it will take to get there. Through interactive activities and small group break-outs, attendees will have opportunity to learn, share and, most importantly, connect with others who are committed to advancing health equity, systems change and inclusivity through their research work.

    Priority will be made for voices from communities to share challenges they’re experiencing and approaches that they think are best for their community. Facilitation methods and collaboration tools that support equitable partnerships and inclusivity will be demonstrated in the workshop through active learning techniques. The workshop aims to generate innovative solutions towards achieving inclusive research through mutual learning among all attendees.

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