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    Category: General Unforgettable the Stage Play

    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    3 hours


    Unforgettable the Stage Play at Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1301 Alamance Church Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406.


    Mama D truly loves her family. If her son Brian is her heartbeat then her grandson Junie is the air that she breathes. She is a retired school teacher that truly did all she could to provide a good life for her son Brian who followed in her teaching footsteps and became a professor at the local university.

    His wife Mia practices law with a local law firm and does her best to be a good step-mother to Junie who often push both his parent to the limit with Mama D always saving him from his antics.

    Life in their comfortable home takes a turn for the worse when Mama D is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Brian is thrust into a situations where he is now the primary caregiver for his mother while trying to balance work, raising his son and being a good husband.

    It's world that he is unfamiliar with and has not idea how to manage. Often times leaning on his best friends Scottie who Mama D mentored and took in as one of her own when he became homeless after his father died.

    Scottie was able to overcome his troubled past to get his life together under the guidance of Mama D, but will she get to see the man that she always knew he could become or will Alzheimer’s strip that moment away?

    From the creators of the award winning stage play Forget Me Not comes Unforgettable, a story about one family’s journey and how they deal with a disease they know nothing about and are unprepared for the effects of caring for a loved who seems to be fading in front of their eyes.

    After coming to grips with the journey that they must face. Life has a new meaning of truly understanding the importance of paying closer attention to what could have been warning signs and the importance of taking part in clinical trials in an attempt to find cure for a disease that has forced the Davenport’s to live in the moment and make unforgettable moments that they can cherish forever.