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Biomarker Core

Goals and Activities:

  • Biomarker Core

    Acquire conventional and novel biomarkers in biofluid (CSF, blood), brain images (PET, MRI), and other modalities (e.g., retinal imaging) in adjudicated participant groups.

  • Analyze biomarkers to obtain standardized measures and support relevant funded Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research projects affiliated with the ADRC.
  • Provide resources integrating multi-dimensional biomarkers data across all human subjects to assist and train ADRC researchers to investigate the underlying age-related drivers for AD.
  • Disseminate our expertise and knowledge to support the AD community at large.
  • Assays currently being run on ADRC samples (or available at DMPI to run on ADRC samples): CSF abeta40 and 42, tau & p-tau-181p (and plasma abeta 40 and 42 & p-tau-181p) on the Fujirebio Lumipulse platform; Quanterix HD-X platform multiplex assays for 1) NfL and GFAP; 2) Tau, NfL, UCH-L1, GFAP; and 3) Abeta40, Abeta42, GFAP, NfL

Available Resources:

  1. Duke Brain Imaging and Analysis Center
  2. UNC Biomedical Research Imaging Center
  3. Duke Molecular Physiology Institute
  4. Duke Eye Center

Core Leaders

Weili Lin, PhD

Dixie Lee Boney Soo Distinguished Professor of Neurological Medicine, UNC
Director of the Biomedical Research Imaging Center
Vice Chair of Research
Departments of Radiology, Neurology, Biomedical Engineering and School of Pharmacy

Allen Song, PhD

Professor in Radiology, Duke University
Director of the Center for Brain Imaging and Analysis
Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Professor in Neurobiology

Junior Associate Core Leader

Miles Berger, MD, PhD

Associate Professor or Anesthesiology, Duke University
Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society
Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Science



  • Clinical Research Specialists (TBD)