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Data Management and Statistics Core

Goals and Activities

  • Provide coordinated and integrated data management capabilities for the ADRC across the Duke/UNC ADRC allowing easy access, tracking, and reporting capabilities for all of the cores.
  • Provide datasets to the National Alzheimer’s Disease Coordinating Center (NACC) and to other collaborative efforts in Alzheimer’s disease discovery and prevention.
  • Provide statistical expertise, consultation and collaboration for data analysis, study design, statistical power calculations, sampling strategies, and statistical prediction or modelling capabilities for the AD grants, projects, and pilots undertaken by the Center’s faculty, as well as for its cores and development projects.
  • Provide bioinformatics consultation to the Center cores and Duke/UNC scientists for management, integration and analysis of large datasets (omic, neuroimaging).
  • Develop innovative statistical and bioinformatics methodologies to meet the needs of the Center.
  • Provide educational opportunities and mentoring of investigators, trainees and junior faculty in collaboration with the Research Education Component on statistical and bioinformatics methodologies for Alzheimer’s disease research.

ARENA Data Management System

DMS Core data flow diagram

Available Resources

Statistical Consulting Expertise

For scientists working on Alzheimer’s disease research.

Contact: Sheng Luo, PhD.

Bioinformatics Consulting Expertise

For scientists working on Alzheimer’s disease research.

Contact: Michael W. Lutz, PhD.

The ARENA Gateway Database

For the Duke/UNC ADRC. A web-based graphical query interface displaying aggregated data on current ARENA participants. Contact: Michael W. Lutz, PhD or Syam Gadde.

ADRC Imaging Data

Contact: Syam Gadde.

Core Leaders:

Sheng Luo, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University
(919) 668-8038


Michael W. Lutz, PhD

Associate Professor in Neurology, Duke University
(919) 660-7621


  • Syam Gadde
    Research Associate
  • Colette Blach
    Data Analyst
  • Blair Chesnut
    Analyst Programmer
  • Rodney Jones
    Data Analyst
  • Heather MacDonald
    Data Manager
  • Yuan Yuan Guo

Recent Publications