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Clinical Core

Goals and Activities

Physician with patient

  • Assemble and follow a well-characterized diverse group of normal and cognitively impaired participants with standardized medical, neurologic, and neuropsychological evaluations.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of biospecimens (blood and CSF), sensory and motor data, brain imaging and novel biomarkers from the participants.
  • Provide participants and data to Duke and UNC investigators and the national Alzheimer’s disease research community for further investigation.

Diverse group of smiling people, young and old.About Our Study

The Duke-UNC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s Memory & Aging Study works to identify the biological factors involved in normal brain aging and disease with the help of a diverse group of young and older people with and without memory impairments.

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Core Leader

Richard O’Brien, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Neurology, Duke University
Disque D. Deane University Distinguished Professor of Neurology
(919) 668-2879

Associate Core Leaders

Kim G. Johnson, MD

Assistant Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University
Assistant Professor and Division Chief, Memory Disorders, Department of Neurology

Heidi Roth, MD

Associate Professor of Sleep Medicine, Memory, and Cognitive Disorders, Department of Neurology, UNC-Chapel Hill

Junior Associate Core Leader

Andy Liu, MD, MS

Assistant Professor, Duke
Data Management Core Liaison


Sarrah Belhadj

Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Christina Cameron

Clinical Research Coordinator

Leila Hennon

Clinical Research Coordinator

Brittany Hinnant

Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Emily Kilpatrick

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Tiffany Kollah

Clinical Research Coordinator

Emily Maingi

Clinical Research Specialist

Thomas Shields

Clinical Research Coordinator